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This PDF will go into more detail on some of our patients' most frequently asked questions.

Why do I need two hearing aids?

What is the best brand of hearing aid?

How much do hearing aids cost?

We can hear significantly more softly and more clearly when we use both ears.  Our brains are designed to be a stereo system.  I always say, "God made us with two ears and he knew what he was doing."

There are many great hearing aids out there,  but some are better for a certain type of loss than others - or for a certain lifestyle.  We are proud that we carry all brands and can fit each person for their individual needs.

Consumer reports says to expect to pay up to $6000 for a set of high technology digital hearing aids fit by a professional.  Our hearing aids range in price from $3800 to 5900 per set depending on the level of technology.

Will wearing a hearing aid help my hearing?

Will wearing a hearing aid hurt my hearing?

How do Digital Hearing Aids Work?

There is evidence that hearing aid usage improves and retains the ability to understand speech.  Your brain stays engaged with sounds of all levels. This is the most important part of your hearing.

No, If your hearing aid is fit appropriately there should be no problem.  Some hearing devices purchased online or from mail order may be set too loud and could create noise-induced hearing loss.

They convert sound waves into numerical codes before amplifying them. Digital circuitry allows for more flexibility in adjusting the aid to a user's needs.

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