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This PDF will give you a more in-depth look at our hearing aids and hearing aid services.

Hearing Aid Brands and Technology

Digital Hearing Aid Technology

Digital Hearing Aid Technology Cont'd.

There are 6 major manufacturers of hearing aids and Heart River Hearing can work with them all.  We are not a "one brand" office that is obligated to one manufacturer.  We choose the instrument that will work best for you based on your type and degree of hearing loss and your lifestyle needs.

Today's hearing aids are techologically advanced, but simple to use. They can work wirelessly with telephones and televisions to help those who have difficulty in those areas.

Digital technology accounts for most of the hearing aids sold today. The digital hearing aid contains a computer chip that amplifies sounds digitally. The quality of the sound produced by the computer chip is excellent. Digital hearing aids are personalized to each individual using a computer programming software that connects wirelessly  to the hearing aids.  They are programmed not only to the hearing loss, but to the acoustics of each individual ear canal.

Digital hearing aids can act on soft sounds in one way and on loud sounds in a completely different fashion. Digital hearing aids also have a variety of bands or equalizers. Depending on the level of the digital technology there may be as few as two bands or as many as twenty + bands. The more advanced the digital chip the more bands that it will possess. Some digital hearing aids have the capability to reduce some environmental noises.

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