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Dr. Kim Callahan, Au.D. has been diagnosing hearing difficulties and fitting hearing aids for over 30 years.  She says, "These are exciting times in the field of audiology!"

Specialist Michelle Palmer is not only a licensed hearing instrument specialist, but a certified occupational hearing health technician as well.  

At Heart River Hearing Aid Practice we use the latest instrumentation to diagnose your hearing issues.  If a medical referral is required we make sure to refer our patients and their results to the appropriate specialist.  If hearing aids are required we work with all major manufacturers to provide options at all levels of technology and price points.

Our catch phrase over the years has been, "We'll help you find the hearing aid that's just right for you!"  We do the work it takes to help you hear better, not just to sell you the latest special on a certain hearing aid.  We encourage follow-up visits to help you get the most out of your amplification and we always provide a free 30 day trial period.

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We offer tests and assessments to help you understand your hearing loss, as well as many other services.

Learn about the kinds of hearing aid technology we have to offer and what to expect from your hearing aid.

We can offer you the answers you may need about hearings aids, how they work, and how they can help you.


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