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Get your free hearing assessment today

We will give you the tests you need in order to find the best hearing aid for you.

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

Our Audiometric Testing

Tinnitus Evaluation and Management

You will be asked about your medical and hearing history. Then we will use a lighted otoscope to inspect your outer ear and your ear canal for any abnormalities that may affect your hearing test results.

You will be asked to respond to a series of short tests involving tones and speech. The results will help us determine your percentage of hearing loss, ability to understand speech, and if hearing aids will help.

Tinnitus is a common condition, where a person experiences a ringing, rushing, or buzzing in the ears. Our professionals can help recommend a course of action to deal with this persistent problem.

Hearing Aids with Blue Tooth

Fitting and Follow-Up Care

Cerumen (Wax) Management

We offer the most technologically advanced digital hearing aids available. If you need hearing aids to work with Bluetooth technology, we can help you choose the hearing aid that is best for you.

Live speech mapping is a fitting process that uses probe microphones and live real-time speech to allow the patient to immediately see and understand the benefits of hearing aids and fitting adjustments.

Ear wax, or cerumen, is a waxy substance secreted in the ear canal. Sometimes the ear produces too much wax, which can impair the ability to hear. We can assist in the safe removal of ear wax.

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