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At the time of the hearing evaluation a case history will be taken to determine the type of hearing problem. Questions will also be asked about the onset of the hearing loss, presence of tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and dizziness. Based on the results of the hearing test and the answers to these questions Our highly trained staff may make a referral to a medical doctor for an examination and possible treatment.

There are literally thousands of hearing aids from which to choose. Our highly trained staff will use the information that was provided in the case history and in the audiological evaluation to help narrow those choices for you. The final decision on which hearing aid is purchased is the choice of the wearer. The main types of hearing aids available today are conventional or Analog and Digital.

During your personalized hearing aid fitting, the device is programmed to meet all of your specific needs. You will be provided with the instructions you need regarding how to put your hearing aid in your ear and how remove it, as well as how to change the batteries and how to care for and clean the device. This is also the time that the hearing care professional reiterates the function of the hearing aid as it relates to your individual lifestyle.

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