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Better Hearing Begins with Heart River Hearing Aid Practice 

Heart River Hearing Aid Practice has been serving our customers in Dickinson, ND and the surrounding areas since 1986. From those humble beginnings, we have seen a great deal of change in the science of hearing and the real world challenges that come from hearing loss. Heart River Hearing has been on the cutting edge of  technology in hearing aids and the caring edge of service to our wonderful customers.

Coming to Heart River Hearing Aid Practice is the first step towards a better audiology experience. Imagine hearing the things you've been missing all those years. It's a whole new world and our team of specialists are here to help you every step of the way. 

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At Heart River Hearing Aid Practice we are involved in everything having to do with your ears.  From hearing testing to wax removal,  from hearing aids to musicians monitors,  from ringing in the ears to balance and dizziness, and from industrial hearing testing to pediatric hearing evaluations we can help!

Regularly scheduled hearing checkups and getting fitted with a hearing device goes a very long way towards a happier and more fulfilling life. Call on our team to schedule an appointment and let's explore your options

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There are many major manufacturers of hearing aids and Heart River Hearing works with them all. We are not a "one brand" office that is obligated to one manufacturer. We choose the instrument that will work best for you based on your needs, as well as, the degree of hearing loss you are experiencing.

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There are many great hearing aids out there, but some are better for a certain type of loss than others - or for a certain lifestyle. 

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